Progress updates from Prof. Melody Chia-Wen LU of FSS2018-05-25T12:18:42+08:00

Progress updates from Prof. Melody Chia-Wen LU of FSS:

Two blended learning courses are offered at the moment.

  1. SOCB350 Gender and Society

This is the third year I teach this course in the full-blended learning mode. Based on the mid-term evaluation, students like the peer-learning components most and they engage in in-class activities enthusiastically. Students also express that they like the e-learning (online lectures) as they have control of their learning pace.

For me, since the e-learning and quiz components had been refined in the past two years, this year I can concentrate more on interaction and on managing the class to make sure students are prepared to engage in interaction and peer-learning activities. In the past two years I find that the interactions and in-class activities stayed at superficial level because students did not come prepared. I need to design some assignments to prepare them beforehand. I am glad that the efforts paid off and students benefit from the peer-learning more this year.

  1. GEGA020 Migration and Multicultural Society

This course is designed as a blended course since the conceptualization, however, it takes some steps to complete the preparation:

Step 1 (2017 Fall, completed): adopt the conventional lecture method in combination with student group assignments and tutorials. Transcribed the lecture video recording in preparation for the online course.

Step 2 (current stage): review, consolidate and shorten the contents in PPTs and videos; restructure the contents in the flipped classroom mode

Step 3 (2018 Fall): produce the videos for online e-learning sessions. Operate the course in full blended flipped mode. The course then can be offered to large classes or multiple sessions.

I have completed the stage 2. I will work on the e-learning components during the summer recess and offer the course as a full blended course in 2018 fall semester.

In addition, I sent two TAs to the video production and editing workshop organized by the CTLE. I myself also took part in it. It is very helpful and I am excited to use the studio and equipment to produce my online lectures.