Progress updates from Prof. Hao HU of ICMS2018-05-25T12:20:55+08:00

Progress updates from Prof. Hao HU of ICMS:

  1. For CMED729 “Research Methodology” for Master’s students at ICMS,
    • “Web mining” as one kind of blended learning content and skill has been introduced;
    • Students are very interested to use such kind of technology and skill;
    • We will try to experiment using this in their coming thesis research
  2. For CMED825 “Advancement in Medicinal Administration” for PhD students at ICMS,
    • We have tried to use ZOOM for remote learning and coordination;
    • Students would like to try ZOOM. However, the University Internet is not stable in E12. We encountered difficulties in maintaining a stable use of ZOOM.
    • Technical support for ZOOM would be needed.