Five UM Supported E-Learning Tools You Should Know and Use2017-01-12T15:31:50+08:00

This session provides faculty with an overview of five e-learning tools that help teachers create active learning environments.

These five tools; UMMoodle, Poll Everywhere, E-Portfolios, Zoom and Office Mix, can be used for blended teaching, taking attendance, assessing student learning, immediate feedback, creating multimedia content, flipped pedagogy, and more.

Four experienced academic staff, Prof. Katrine WONG (FAH), Prof. Pey Tee OON (FED), Prof. Zihao LI (FED), Prof. Ruiyu XIE (FHA), and CTLE support staff, Mr. Christopher FULTON, will each give a short 10-minute presentation on how a technology can be used to enhance teaching, learning and student engagement in your course.