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In these online meet-ups and training  sessions, we will introduce practical activities and tools that facilitate technology-enhanced teaching. Join a meet-up, share your insights or experience from last semester, and find out how colleagues are preparing for the upcoming semester. 

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Via Zoom from 10:30 – 11:30 AM. 
22 July: Supporting Learning with Narrated  PPT slides (Part 1)

Prof. Emily Wang, ICMS
Prof. Katrine Wong, FAH/DCTLE
Dr. Chris Fulton, CTLE
Mr. Miguel Costa, FST

Anecdotal feedback tells us that UM students perceived PowerPoint slides with narration as valuable study materials. In this session, we will look at examples of PPT slides and share our experience with designing educational slides. In addition to discussing effective uses of media, we will review how to insert videos and record your computer’s screen using PowerPoint. We will also share tips on capturing a clear voice/image.

Video recordings and slides are on UMMoodle


29 July: Supporting Learning with Narrated  PPT Slides (Part 2)

Prof. Bingpu Zhou, IAMPE
Dr. Alice Lee, FAH/ELC
Ms. Janet-Beth Randall, FAH/ELC

In this session, we will share various ways in which slides have been or can be used in hybrid or online courses. For example, PowerPoint slides with audio or video recordings can be used to disseminate information, give feedback, build a teaching presence and more.

Video recordings and slides are on UMMoodle


5 August: Building Community with UMMoodle Discussion Forums

Prof. Thomas Lok, FST
Dr. Chris Fulton, CTLE

Discussion forums provide a platform for learners to not only to demonstrate their engagement with course content and ideas but to interact with peers and their instructors. In this session, we will outline ways in which forums can be used: to generate interest in a topic, to create peer-to-peer engagement, to give feedback, or to build a sense of community. In addition, we will demonstrate how effective groups for forums can be set up using the TeamBuilder tool in UMMoodle.

Video recordings and slides are on UMMoodle

12 August: Assessment with UMMoodle Quizzes and Academic Honesty

Prof. Todd Sandel, FSS
Dr. Chris Fulton, CTLE

Online quizzes can be used to increase students’ understanding and the quizzes will be marked automatically. Setting up a quiz in UMMoodle takes a few steps: we will show you how to set up quizzes for practice activities and exams. In addition, we will also share with you a custom-made quiz on UMMoodle, which will help students learn more about Academic Honesty.

Video recordings and slides are on UMMoodle


19 August: Checking Students’ Understanding with Polls

Prof. Mingming Zhou, FED
Dr. Chris Fulton, CTLE

A quick poll or quiz can be used by instructors to gauge how much students have learnt or what content needs clarification. The questionnaire activity in UMMoodle is ideal for in-class polls, either anonymous or not, and we will demonstrate how to set it up. An alternative, Rain Classroom, also has a polling function that is useful. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of polls or concept-checking questions to share.


26 August: Software for Recording and Editing Videos

11:00 – 12:00 AM

Prof. Katrine Wong, FAH/DCTLE
Mr. Fernando Wong, CTLE

You might have recorded a few videos and now need to revise or edit those videos. In this session, we will introduce a few video-editing tools that might help you in creating more professional-looking and -sounding videos for your courses.


2 September: Panel Conversation: Looking Ahead to Teaching In-Class with Live Transmission and Recording

10:30 – 11:30 AM

Prof. Katrine Wong, FAH/DCTLE
Prof. Victoria Lei, FAH 
Dr. Chris Fulton, CTLE
Dr. Gary Fung, MLC

In less than a month, many of us will be teaching in-class and online simultaneously. Such hybridity may place additional demands on instructors. In this session, we share ideas and tips, and discuss how to get a course started on the right track. Join this session to learn about different strategies to handle a complex classroom environment. This session includes:  

  • Demonstration: Ways to set up a laptop in a classroom for Zoom meetings  
  • Lecturette: Designing learning activities for hybrid teaching  
  • Panel discussion: Looking ahead to teaching in-class with live transmission and recording  
  • Open-floor discussion: Questions about hybrid teaching  

Participants can join this hybrid event either on-site or via Zoom. Limited spaces are available for the on-site event, which is open to all UM staff. The online event is open to all.   

Registration required.