Submitting an Educational Technology Request2017-11-24T10:01:49+08:00

Staff are invited to submit requests for plugins for UMMoodle, Community and E-Portfolio (Mahara). A management process to better serve the needs of colleagues and manage university resources more efficiently is being established by CTLE and ICTO. The online form below is the first step in initiating a request for a plugin for UMMoodle at the University of Macau. Suggestions and requests for new plugins should be submitted following this process:

1. Complete a UMMoodle Plugin Request Form.

UMMoodle Plugin Request Form



2. Requests will be reviewed by a CTLE-ICTO e-learning advisory group. The advisory group will consider how individual requests support teaching and learning. The following criteria will be used in evaluating requests:

a. Benefits for teachers and learners,
b. Enhancement of teaching or improves workflow,
c. Compatibility with existing IT systems,
d. Support for a faculty goal or strategic initiative,
e. Supportability and sustainability,
f. Applicability for teaching and learning in more than one academic unit.

3. Requests are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

4. The advisory group will, on a regular basis, submit to ICTO a prioritized list of recommended plugins to support.

If you need assistance with elearning systems or services such as UMMoodle, Community and ePortfolio, please contact ICTO immediately by sending an email message to