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7th Greater China MOOC Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities of Online Education under COVID-19 (GCMS 2021)
大中華區MOOC研討會歡迎您: 新冠肺炎下在線教育的機遇與挑

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It is our pleasure to announce the launch of the 7th Greater China MOOC Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities of Online Education under COVID-19 (GCMS 2021), which will take place online on 25-26 August 2021.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, CTLE of the University of Macau would like to invite you to join us in this cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary symposium, an opportunity to review, share and showcase the reactions, adaptations and innovations different practitioners in the Greater China region have put in place under COVID-19.

第七屆大中華區MOOC研討會(GCMS 2021)將於2021年8月25-26日於線上舉行,主題為〝新冠肺炎下在線教育的機遇與挑戰〞。澳門大學教與學優化中心作為是次代表組委會,誠邀您參加此次跨文化、跨學科的研討會。來自大中華地區的資深學者及專家們將在會上回顧、分享及展示他們在疫情下如何快速反應、靈活調整及創新教學。

In the past 15 months or so, teaching and learning in the higher education sector has experienced waves of unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic. All stakeholders have had to perform changes and adaptations of varying degrees.


In this online symposium, the keynotes and session presentations will cover a wide range of sub-themes and issues related to online education, such as pedagogical design, technology, policy, infrastructure and support, in the context of a global crisis of public health.


We extend a warm welcome to all interested parties to participate in the symposium. We believe that this symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to advance communication, collaboration and exchange among academics, researchers and practitioners. Please join us on 25-26 August for the 7th GCMS.



Register for this online event before 8 August 2021.


About Greater China MOOC Symposia

  • Previous Greater China MOOC Symposia 歷屆大中華MOOC研討會主辦院方:

    • 2014 (1st GCMS), Lanzhou University, Jiayuguan 嘉峪關 蘭州大學
    • 2015 (2nd GCMS), Feng Chia University, Tainan 台南 逢甲大學
    • 2016 (3rd GCMS), Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 西安 西安交通大學
    • 2017 (4th GCMS), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR 香港 香港中文大學
    • 2018 (5th GCMS), Tsinghua University, Beijing 北京 清華大學
    • 2019 (6th GCMS), Jiaotong University, Shanghai 上海 交通大學

GCMS aims to strengthen cooperation among cities in Greater China, to facilitate exchange on research and application of MOOC among scholars and practitioners in the region, and to promote teaching innovations in MOOC education. Since its first launch in 2014, GCMS has become a yearly event. Following six GCMSs successfully held in various cities, Jiayuguan, Tainan, Xi An, Hong Kong SAR, Beijing, Shanghai, this year’s GMCS has been confirmed to take place in Macau SAR.