7th Greater China MOOC Symposium:

Challenges and Opportunities of Online Education under COVID-19



25-26 August 2021

Call for Presentations 演講召集 Deadline: Extended to 16 May 2021

To further promote the development of online education in Greater China, facilitate information exchange and discussion on new pedagogical designs, tools and technologies among higher education institutes in the region, CTLE of the University of Macau is proud to announce the launch of the 7th Greater China MOOC Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities of Online Education under COVID-19 (GCMS 2021) on 25-26 August 2021 and a call for submissions for proposals from now until 16 May 2021. Owing to unprecedented circumstances, this year’s Symposium will be held online. In this online Symposium, keynote and session presentations will cover a wide range of sub-themes, including pedagogy, technology, policy, infrastructure, as well as issues related to online education in the context of a global crisis of public health.

為進一步促進大中華區高校在線教育的深入發展,加強大中華區高校的信息交流,研討相關的新技術、工具及教學設計,促進教育創新,澳門大學教與學優化中心很高興宣佈第七屆大中華地區MOOC研討會(GCMS 2021將於2021年8月25至26日舉辦並正式為研討會召集演講者,召集期至2021年5月16日。為配合疫情防控工作,是次研討會將移師線上進行,主題為“新冠肺炎下在線教育的機遇與挑戰”。主講及分組演講將圍繞主題,分享及探討在全球公共衛生危機背景下與在線教育相關的課題,包括教學設計、嶄新技術、政策援助、基建及配套等。

Presenters are invited to submit their original presentations to address topics of the conference, including but not limited to the following topics. We welcome you to submit a proposal for a presentation using a submission form below no later than 16 May 2021.


Online Submission 在線提交

Conference Topics 會議課題

Topics covered in presentations can include but are not limited to:


  • Online/distance teaching and learning 線上/遙距教學
  • Pedagogical innovation 創新教學
  • Discipline-specific pedagogy 學科領域的教學法
  • General education 通識教育
  • Education technology 教育科技
  • Assessment 評核
  • Teaching effectiveness 教學成效
  • Active/collaborative learning 主動/協作學習
  • Learning experience 學習體驗
  • Community building and engagement 社群建立和參與
  • Impact on international student mobility 對國際學生流動的影響
  • Accessibility (e.g. mobile devices, learners with special needs) 便利性/可及性(包括移動裝置, 有特殊需要的學員)
  • Support for learners 給學員的支援
  • Support for instructors 給導師的支援
  • Infrastructure and communication 通訊與基建

Presentation Format 演講模式

  • Online Parallel Session Speakers: 20 minutes each (15 min talk, 5 m in Q&A)


Important Dates 重要日期

  • Submission Deadline: 16 May 2021 (Sunday)
  • Presenter Registration: 20 June 2021 (Sunday)
  • 演講者報名確定日期:2021年06月20日(週日)
  • Participant Registration: 8 August 2021 (Sunday)
  • 參會者報名截止日期:2021年08月08日(週日)

Contact 聯絡方式

Please contact the organizers at ctle@um.edu.mo if you have any questions or difficulties submitting a proposal.
如有任何疑問,可通過電郵 ctle@um.edu.mo聯繫我們