Innovative teaching requires appropriate spaces and equipment. Courses that involve group work, project work, or active learning approaches are better suited to classrooms that facilitate group work and interaction. For instance, round tables with movable chairs and whiteboards are ideas for group work, discussions, and project work. To support a variety of teaching approaches, CTLE has set up five “interactive learning spaces” for instructors who are exploring teaching approaches and active learning pedagogies.

One large interactive learning space, ILS 1, is popular with instructors who make extensive use of in-class discussions or small group activities. In this spacious classroom which seats 60, there are 10 hexagonal tables that seat six students. The spacious room enables instructors to walk between the tables comfortably to monitor or interact with learners. In addition, the room is equipped with five screens, so presentation content is always visible to all students and instructors. For instructors who would like to hold a Zoom meeting, apoint-tilt-zoom video camera and two wireless microphones are in the classroom, ready to be used with a desktop computer.

  • Comfortable space for group work and discussions
  • Five screens so content is easily visible
  • High quality video camera and wireless mics for Zoom meetings
  • Seats 60 with 10 hexagonal tables

One space in the Central Teaching Building is ideal for oral defenses, conferences, or a “global classroom.” ILS 2is a space that enables an instructor and all 40 students in the classroom to participate in online meetings. The two high-quality 4K cameras at the front and rear of the classroom and nine wireless microphones in the classroom can capture either the instructor moving around the classroom or the students sitting in rows. The equipment in this room is set up to support “hands-free” online meetings, oral defenses, and hybrid classes.

  • Outstanding video conferencing equipment for oral defenses and online classes
  • Two high-quality 4K cameras at the front and rear of the classroom
  • Nine professional wireless microphones for “hands-free” online meetings and classes
  • Seats 40

Three small spaces are available for group activities, discussions, and courses that make use of collaborative activities. ILS 3, 4 and 5, each seat 24 and are equipped with four hexagonal tables, movable whiteboards, glass walls and multiple interactive TVs that students can connect to with their mobile phones. From what we hear, students seem to enjoy writing on the glass walls and movable whiteboards.

  • Inspiring space for group work and discussions
  • Movable magnetic, whiteboards and glass walls support collaborative activities
  • Multiple interactive, smart TVs
  • Seats 24

UM Instructors are welcome to book these rooms for their courses by visiting the UM Resource Booking System. (Look for the schedule for “CTLE Spaces” in the sysytem). More information about these classrooms is on the CTLE website at




  • 為小組作業和小組討論提供舒適的空間
  • 五個屏幕令閱覽內容更便捷輕鬆
  • 提供Zoom線上會議的高質量視訊鏡頭和無線麥克風
  • 10張六角形桌子、能容納60人



  • 出色的視訊會議設備,用於口頭答辯和線上課程
  • 具備2個高質量的4K視訊鏡頭
  • 9支專業無線咪高峰,用於線上會議和課程
  • 可容納40人



  • 激發團隊工作和討論的空間
  • 可移動的磁性白板、玻璃墻支援協作活動
  • 智能電視機支持多元化互動
  • 可容納24人

歡迎澳大教師們通過澳大資源預訂系統來預訂互動學習空間(可以在系統內的“CTLE Spaces”內查詢可預訂時間)。想了解更多課室資訊詳情,可閱覽CTLE網頁