Guideline on using the digital recording pen on Powerpoint for online lectures

Under the instruction of and with the support from the VRAAO, Digital Recording Pens are now available. Any UM academic staff who wish to record voice for academic use (supplementing PowerPoint slides with your own voice narration, for example) may approach your Faculty Office and borrow one such recording pen.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Before recording, you may want to find a quiet place. Make sure your phone is on mute.
  2. Check the recording sound level before you start recording. A guide here.
  3. Key buttons on the recording pen:

a. Press “REC/PAUSE” button to start recording to stop the record

b. Press “STOP” to stop recording.

A guide here.

4. After recording, all you need to do is to put the files into the computer.

a. Simply push the USB port out of the recording pen and plug the pen into the computer. A guide    here.

b. Copy your audio files from the recording pen to your computer. It’s suggested that you listen to the files and copy them into a designated folder; that would help you when you insert the audio files into your PowerPoint slides later. Check out the guide.

c. Here’s how you can add audio files to PowerPoint slides on your computer:

i. In PowerPoint, select the slide to which you want to add the audio file

ii. Select Insert > Audio

iii. Select Audio on My PC

iv. In the Insert Audio dialog box, select the audio file you want to add

v. Select Insert.

d. Here’s how you can delete an inserted audio in PowerPoint:

i. Select the audio icon on the slide

ii. Press Delete.

You may refer to the video and text guideline from Microsoft here.

For Apple Computers using MacOS, you can follow the guide here.


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