FAQ: Can I conduct online classes with a basic Zoom account? (updated)

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Yes, absolutely!

A basic Zoom account is good for hosting up to 300 participants. It also facilitates different forms of blended learning. 

 Watch a tailor-made CTLE demo video on how to use Zoom here!

Consider the following steps:

  1. Lecture on Zoom for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Send students off to do an activity on UMMoodle, e.g., forum, quiz, etc.
  3. Everybody come back for another zoom session: you can respond to students’ posts and questions, give feedback to their work, conduct further lecture/discussion.
1. Get your UM Zoom account
  • UM staff and students at UM can get a basic Zoom account capable of holding 40-minute meetings with up to 300 participants. To get your UM Zoom account, visit the ICTO account information page at account.icto.umac.mo. On that page, click License -> Zoom -> More -> tick “Agree to the terms.

2. Download Zoom APP (before first meeting)

  • Download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings (Windows/Mac) or Zoom Mobile App (iOS/Android) from umac.zoom.us/download.

3. SIGN IN VIA MYUM PORTAL / UMAC.zoom.us / Zoom app

There are different places and ways to sign in to Zoom. Here are different methods for your choosing:

    • Go to MYUM portal at myum.um.edu.mo , then click the Zoom icon). Sign in with your UM user ID.
    • Go to umac.zoom.us/meeting. Sign in with your UM user ID.
    • Sign into the Zoom app using SSO (DO NOT SIGN IN WITH FULL EMAIL ADDRESS)  Enter the domain, UMAC, Continue, sign in with your UM user ID.

4. Create a new Zoom meeting in UMMoodle

More FAQs

Where can I get help with Zoom 24/7?
UM staff can get immediate assistance 24//7 online from Zoom’s Support Desk. Start a chat by clicking on the button at the bottom of that page.

Where can I see videos on how to start meetings or use Zoom?
Video tutorials on the main features of Zoom are on a page at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials.

Can I have meetings longer than 40-minutes with a basic UM Zoom account?
Yes, if the meetings have 2 participants or less, e.g. one teacher and one student.

Can I join a meeting to try Zoom now?
Yes, click the link http://zoom.us/test to join a meeting and test Zoom on your computer or phone. On that page, click JOIN, and the Zoom app should start.

Why can’t I record my Zoom meetings?
We cannot record meetings another person scheduled in UMMoodle. We can record the meetings we create on our computers. Check out this video on recording meetings.

My RC or faculty office needs to host or schedule longer meetings?
Each unit already has one special account. See this page for more information.

For more FAQs and step-by-step guides to Zoom, see the ICTO Knowledge Base at https://faq.icto.um.edu.mo/category/communication-collaboration/conferencing/.

To learn about the features of Zoom, search support.zoom.us/hc/en-us or support.zoom.us/hc/zh-tw.

For help downloading or signing in to the Zoom app, please contact ICTO Help Desk at 8822-8600.

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基本的Zoom帳戶最多可供300用戶同時進行視像通訊, 這有助促進不同形式的混合式學習。


  1. 利用Zoom作直播教學每一堂課不要太長,約20-30分鐘就好。
  2. 配合UMMoodle一起進行教學,讓學生參與課堂的論壇或測驗等活動。
  3. 您可以回應學生在UMMoodle上的貼文和問題,並對他們的作業提出意見,再繼續講課或討論。
1. 取得你的澳大Zoom帳戶

澳大的教職員和學生均可以獲取一個基本的 Zoom帳戶,該帳戶能夠進行每次最多40分鐘的視像會議,並讓最多300用戶同時參與。 請點擊以下的連結獲取你的澳大 Zoom帳戶。 在該頁面上,點選「License -> Zoom -> More -> tick」並同意條款。


  1. UMMoodle技術支援:ICTO服務平台(相關連結
  2. 校內Zoom帳號登錄:致電8822-8600與ICTO服務平台聯繫,或搜索ICTO知識庫。(相關連結
  3. 了解Zoom的功能,請登錄Zoom官方支援網頁(相關連結
  4. 本中心也可以在線支援澳大教學人員,請聯絡本中心電子教學技術同事Chris Fulton (chrisfulton@um.edu.mo)
  5. 請到本中心網站尋找更多教學資源(相關連結
2.(於第一次會議前)下載ZOOM 應用程式
  • 下載並安裝Zoom Client for Meetings(Windows / Mac)或Zoom 移動應用程式(iOS / 安卓)。(下載連結


    • 使用你的澳大用戶ID登錄MYUM portal 後,點擊Zoom圖標(相關連結);
    • 使用澳大用戶ID登錄Zoom(相關連結
    • 使用SSO登錄到Zoom應用程序(請勿輸入完整的電子郵件地址登錄)先輸入網域名稱 “UMAC”,按繼續,然後使用你的澳大用戶ID登錄。(教學連結
  • 請參閱ICTO提供的繁體中文指南,內容提及如何在UMMoodle中添加新的Zoom會議活動。(相關連結


如何找Zoom 全天候24小時協助?




我可以使用基本的澳大 Zoom帳戶進行歷時超過40分鐘的會議嗎?



可以的,使用電腦或手機登入Zoom ,點擊 “加入” 可進入會議測試。(相關連結








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