FAQ: Can I conduct online classes with a basic Zoom account?


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Yes, absolutely!

A basic Zoom account is good for hosting up to 300 participants. It also facilitates different forms of blended learning. 

 A tailor-made CTLE demo video on how to use Zoom here!

Consider the following steps:
1. Lecture on Zoom for 20-30 minutes
2. Send students off to do an activity on UMMoodle, e.g., forum, quiz, etc.
3. Everybody come back for another zoom session: you can respond to students’ posts and questions, give feedback to their work, conduct further lecture/discussion.

Get your UM Zoom account

UM staff and students at UM can get a basic Zoom account capable of holding 40-minute meetings with up to 300 participants. To get your UM Zoom account, visit the ICTO account information page at https://account.icto.umac.mo. On that page, click License -> Zoom -> More -> tick “Agree to the terms.

For help downloading or signing in to the Zoom app, please contact ICTO Help Desk at 8822-8600.
Registered UM staff can get personal assistance online from Zoom’s Support Desk.
To learn about the features of Zoom, search support.zoom.us/hc/en-us or support.zoom.us/hc/zh-tw.


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基本的Zoom帳戶最多可供300用戶同時進行視像通訊, 這有助促進不同形式的混合式學習。



  1. 利用Zoom作直播教學每一堂課不要太長,約20-30分鐘就好。
  2. 配合UMMoodle一起進行教學,讓學生參與課堂的論壇或測驗等活動。
  3. 您可以回應學生在UMMoodle上的貼文和問題,並對他們的作業提出意見,再繼續講課或討論。

澳大的教職員和學生均可以獲取一個基本的 Zoom帳戶,該帳戶能夠進行每次最多40分鐘的視像會議,並讓最多300用戶同時參與。 請點擊以下的連結獲取你的澳大 Zoom帳戶。 在該頁面上,點選「License -> Zoom -> More -> tick」並同意條款。



  1. UMMoodle技術支援:ICTO服務平台(相關連結
  2. 校內Zoom帳號登錄:致電8822-8600與ICTO服務平台聯繫,或搜索ICTO知識庫。(相關連結
  3. 了解Zoom的功能,請登錄Zoom官方支援網頁(相關連結
  4. 本中心也可以在線支援澳大教學人員,請聯絡本中心電子教學技術同事Chris Fulton (chrisfulton@um.edu.mo)
  5. 請到本中心網站尋找更多教學資源(相關連結
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