On 30 October, Prof. Johan Geertsema, Director of Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning of National University of Singapore, gave a presentation entitled “Technology for Teaching”. The event attracted over 60 academic staff members.

During his talk, Prof. Geertsema explored with the audience a crucial question of why we use technology for teaching: teachers need to think about pedagogical reasons behind using technology and incorporating it into teaching for students’ learning. He also indicated the goal of designing a teaching ecology that could better engage students in acquiring learning skills and content knowledge.

In addition, importance of course content was highlighted when the speaker initiated some intense discussion on how our academic staff could work to develop student understanding and identify technology that could enhance teaching.

10月30日,教與學優化中心邀請了新加坡國立大學教學發展中心主任Johan Geertsema教授到澳大,以“科技的教學”為題進行演講,吸引了60多名學術人員出席。