Three Improvements to UMMoodle in 2019 that Teachers and TAs Must Know

By Chris Fulton, Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement 

Recent upgrades to UMMoodle bring several new features which are potentially worthwhile to teachers, teaching assistants and their students. In this post, I will offer a few tips on how to get started with each of the three new features:  

  • Attendance with QR codes 
  • Voice and video recording 
  • Quiz question type: All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice 


 1. Taking attendance in large classes can now be done easily by having students simply scan a QR code in UMMoodle. The attendance tool in UMMoodle has been customized by ICTO and a FAQ page shows how to set it up.  

 Tips for teachers using this attendance activity are: 

    • First, remember to open the dynamic QR code by clicking the KEY button for the current session.  
    • Remind students to log in to UMMoodle before scanning the QR code on your laptop or iPad because the QR code will update every 30 seconds 
    • Students will need to be using the UM wireless network for their attendance to be registered. 

 2. Voice and video recordings can be submitted to forum posts, assignments, quiz questions, or as feedback. Using a smartphone or computer, it is now possible to send voice messages up to two-minutes in length. To add a voice recording, first, click on the microphone icon to open a voice recorder. Next, click a record button to record your voice. Lastly, click the “attach” or “done” button. 


My initial trials revealed a few incompatibilities with different browsers and devices. So, my suggestion is to try it on your devices. 

    • Voice recording worked well with Firefox and Chrome browsers on Mac computers but not with the Safari browser. 
    • Android phones worked well with Chrome browsers. In forums, students will have to click “Use advanced editor” to reveal the microphone button. 
    • Students using iPhones may find that voice recording works better with the Moodle Mobile app. 
    • Lastly, for forums, set the file upload limit to 200 MB. 

 3. One type of question used in online courses for formative assessments is an all-or-nothing multiplechoice questionIt is different from a standard multiple-choice question in Moodle, which gives partial marks for questions with multiple answers. This new question type requires the answers to a quiz question to correspond exactly to the correct choices. If all the correct answers are selected, the respondent gets 100%. When not all of the correct answers are selected, the grade is 0. 

A few other improvements and changes to UMMoodle are worth mentioning. To help notify students of their assignments and progress in a course, the completion tracking settings for each assignment needs to be set by teachers. 

Turning activity completion on for all required assignments will result in a pie chart on students course overview page, and notifications for students. In addition, the required assignments will also be easier for students to identify. 

If you would like to know more about how UMMoodle can be used to support student success, please contact Chris Fulton at CTLE. He can be reached by email at or phone at 8822-4574.



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