On 14 June, Dr. Alice Lee, CTLE Academic Staff Advisor (ELC), was among the experts at a conference held at City University of Macau, along the theme of University Teaching Reformation and Innovation. Dr. Lee used both English and Mandarin and gave a well-received presentation on aligning assessment with ILOs (intended learning outcomes). Present at the same event were speakers from HKU and National Taiwan Normal University.​

6月14日,教與學優化中心教員顧問(英語中心)的Alice Lee博士以專家身份出席了由澳門城市大學舉辦的大學課堂教學改革與創新成果分享會。會上她以英語和普通話就預期學習成果(ILOs)的評估結果作了詳盡介紹。分享會還有來自香港大學及國立台灣師範大學的專家講者參與。