Highlight: Prof. NI’s sharing on Rain Classroom 倪明選教授雨課堂分享會

On 14 May, Prof. Lionel Ni gave a CTLE workshop on Rain Classroom. The interactive session attracted over 150 academic staff and students from across faculties and institutes. Rain Classroom is a learning tool developed by Tsinghua University in April 2016. The tool bridges the gap between instructors and learners before, during and after class. It is a powerful and user-friendly plug-in programme that has garnered thus far 3.5 million active users in 200,000 classrooms in over 80 countries in less than 2 years time. One of the highlights of Prof. Ni’s workshop was the Q&A session conducted through one of the interactive functions of Rain Classroom, Danmu.

Special thanks go to the VRAAO. CTLE would also like to thank helpers from FED, as well as Prof. Michael Li (FED) who provided English simultaneous interpretation.


澳門大學副校長 (學術) 倪明選教授於5月14為教與學優化中心分享了關於雨課堂的工作坊。這個互動工作坊吸引了超過150名不同學院/研究所的師生參加。雨課堂是由清華大學在線教育辦公室在2016年4月研發的智慧教学工具。雨課堂為師生建立溝通橋樑,加強課前預習、課堂教學和課後互動。雨課堂是一個功能強大且容易使用的程式,在不到兩年的時間內已有80個國家,超過350萬用戶在20萬堂課中使用。本次講座的其中一個精彩環節是通過雨課堂互動功能之一 『彈幕』來進行問答環節。


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