Learning spaces at HKU and in the UK


A delegation of three colleagues from ICTO and CTLE attended a meeting at the University of Hong Kong which focused on the best practices for designing learning spaces using a new publication, The UK Higher Education Learning Space Toolkit: a SCHOMS, AUDE and UCISA collaboration. A presentation of the publication was presented by Caroline Pepper (Loughborough University) and a working group meeting was hosted by the University of Hong Kong and Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC). We also inspected the learning spaces, services, and video production facilities for students and faculty at the University of Hong Kong’s Chi Wah Learning Commons, TELI and CETL offices.

An impressive aspect of the learning spaces toolkit is the variety of innovative learning spaces that have been created to invigorate the formal and informal spaces in which teaching and learning takes place on campus. The meeting space was a good example of a bright, multi-purpose classroom with movable tables and chairs that would be suitable for a range of active learning approaches.

One growing trend to be aware of is the “turn-and-learn” lecture theater. Those large collaborative lecture theaters – with sofas – for up to 120 students are very popular at several universities in the UK. The learning space toolkit is available online at http://www.schoms.ac.uk/publication-of-the-uk-higher-education-learning-space-toolkit/.

Due to growing demand for blended-learning teaching approaches and multi-media assignments for students, the Learning Environment Services at HKU offers students support and facilities for recording and producing videos. Students can book video recording studios in the Chi Wah Learning Commons and get help from dedicated staff. At HKU, faculty also had access to video production facilities, which were in ever increasing demand. See the TELI website for more information, http://teli.hku.hk/2017/10/school-of-chinese-online-course-filming/.

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