CTLE Teaching Assistant Training Workshops 2017 held successfully

The Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE) recently held a series of Teaching Assistant Training Workshops that introduced core skills for graduate students who are involved in teaching-related duties and who may go on to work at academic institutions in a teaching or an instructional capacity.

This workshop series included a total of 7 sessions: 1). Your First Day as TA: How to Prepare for the Role 2). Classroom Presence: Do’s and Don’ts of Teacher Student Interaction, plus Handling Academic Dishonesty 3). Leading/Facilitating Discussion and Tutorials On-line and Face to Face 4). Tools that Support Learning 5). Learning Strategies 6). Effective Learning: Developing a Mini-Lecture 7). Developing Learning Activities. Invited speakers from across faculties have shared with students their experiences in leading and facilitating class meetings in various ways; gratitude to all our speakers.

This training workshop series has attracted over 300 post-graduate students, and over half of them have completed 6 out of 7 sessions and received a certificate of completion. Prof Katrine Wong, Director of CTLE, said that the result was very encouraging and that she believed that this TA training workshop series had not only enhanced students’ knowledge but also served as a platform for them to interact and communicate with their peers and their instructors. CTLE would like to thank the VRAA Office for their continuous support.

Session Highlight:

Slides: Sep 6 – Your First Day as TA – Katrine WONG

Slides: Sep 13 – Classroom Presence – Rose LAI

Slides: Sep 20 – Leading and Facilitating Discussion – Miranda MA

Slides: Sep 27 – Tools that Support Learning – Chris FULTON

Slides: Oct 11 – Learning Strategies – Ricardo MOUTINHO

Slides: Oct 18 – Developing a Mini-Lecture – Garry WONG

Slides: https://prezi.com/view/2lVYTUfSjFPtsukqBnEN/


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