Highlights from CTLE Fall workshop: On the Use of e-Portfolio to Document Learning


On 27 September, 2017 Prof. Emily Onn from Faculty of Education held a workshop entitled “On the Use of e-Portfolio to Document Learning”. In this session, Prof. Oon introduced UM-supported tool “e-Portfolio” and shared her teaching activities using the e-learning platform. e-Portfolio is a personalised space for students to document their learning over time and for teachers to trace learning outcomes. The tool is well received by the students and in a way also encourages them to participate inside and outside of the classrooms. To Prof. Onn, it is a promising tool that can meet the needs of emerging pedagogy and learning needs.  

Presentation slide are available to download:

On the Use of ePortfolio_PPT How to creat ePortfolio_ [Read-Only]

How to creat ePortfolio_ [Read-Only]

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