Highlights from Faculty Development Workshop: GE Challenges and Opportunities

The first CTLE Full-Day Faculty Development Workshop 2017/18, held on 30 August, was designed with the University’s recent GE programme reform and development in mind. This year, UM is launching a new GE Programme, which have been met with a variety of responses, and hence the full-day workshop was structured around the theme, ‘General Education: Challenges and Opportunities’.

Opening Remarks by Prof. NI

In his opening remarks, Prof. Lionel Ni (VRAA) invited the audience to think about a few frequently-raised questions regarding GE: What do we want to achieve through GE? How can we relate GE to disciplinary education? How can we run large-size GE classes effectively without losing track of students’ learning needs? 21st-century education is beyond disciplinary training; it is about fostering students’ transferable skills (some may call them ‘soft skills’), and preparing students for what the rapidly-changing digital life, society and markets might throw at us.

Highlights of the day:

Prof. Paul Hanstedt

  • CASE Carnegie Virginia Professor of the Year, Director of Pedagogical Innovation at Roanoke College, spoke on how to create ‘whole person’ students through designing tasks that would enable students to build learners’ authority.

Dr. Wing Hung WONG and Dr. Julie CHIU

  • Two award-winning GE colleagues from CUHK, Dr. Julie Chiu and Dr. Wong Wing Hung, took us through how to ask ‘big questions’ in GE courses.

GE Coordinators Panel

  • Prof. Matthew Liu (FBA), Head of GE Implementation, led a panel discussion with GE Area Coordinators, Prof. Zhimin Lin (FSS), Prof. KK Tong (FSS) and Prof. Garry Wong (FHS). It was an interactive session where panelists and audience addressed local issues and challenges here at UM, such as course design for cross-disciplinary audiences, shortage of large interactive spaces, increase of class size.

Ms. Alice LEE

Mr. Chris FULTON

  • Chris Fulton (CTLE) and Alice Lee (ELC) demonstrated effective learning activities available on Moodle and introduced learning app Moodle Mobile.

Prof. Hong Gang JIN

  • Prof. Hong Gang Jin, Dean of FAH, presented a session on strategies and techniques of designing LOT (lower-order thinking) and HOT (higher-order thinking) questions.

Presentation slides are available:

Creating Wicked Students

Think Big Across the Major and into GE

 General Education Challenges and Opportunities

Moodle Mobile and Activities



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