STEM Education in Asia Mini-Symposium


STEM Education Mini-Symposium

Building a New Culture for STEM Education in Asia

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Date: April 26, 2017  

Time: 8:30 – 14:30

Over the past century STEM Education has remained as one of the most globalized subject categories of the school curriculum given its nature of objectivity, centrality, universality, and its perceived relationship to the economic development. Significant efforts and resources for teacher education, curriculum development, professional development and research on STEM Education have been made available in numerous countries. CTLE invites you to participate in the STEM Education Mini-Symposium titled “Building a New Culture for STEM Education in Asia” on 26 April 2016 at the University of Macau in which participants can draw on expertise of renowned scholars and administrators from selective regions and institutions who have are experts in STEM Education.

The objective of this mini-symposium is to discuss the issues and challenges of STEM Teaching and Learning in the region and to provide an international forum for conversations, brainstorming, exchange of ideas, and the use of different pedagogical approaches and tools to enhance teaching and student learning with a focus on STEM Education. The mini-symposium includes one plenary led by Nobel Laureate Prof. Carl Edwin WIEMAN, session presentations by Prof. Tai Kai NG (HKUST), Prof. Xingkai LUO (Guangxi Normal University of P.R. China), Prof. Yew Jin LEE (Nanyang Technological University of Singapore), follow up by a closing panel with all speakers and Prof. Xin SONG (Chinese Academy of Sciences of P.R. China). The closing panel is intended to allow participants to interact and openly discuss ideas with the speakers and to provide closing insights with respect to STEM education in Asia.

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