Live Video Stream of FED Seminar No. 7

No Bell, No Greetings, No Soul: Awaking Learning in Today’s Disengaged Students

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No bell, no greetings, no soul. There are a lot of bodies in the classroom but how many of them are actually engaged with the subject and connected with the instructor remains as an “elephant in the room.” Students nowadays, especially those at the university level (age 17-21) are wired differently as knowledge acquisition is no longer the same compared to just a decade ago. All seems to be at a touch of the screen as “Dr. Google” provides information even before the question was poked in. Research shows that the ownership of mobile devices is high and continues to grow worldwide. Mobile device usage on UM campus is prevalent. Yet, the use of mobile devices in teaching/learning is lagging behind. Is mobile teaching part of the answer to awaking today’s disengaged students? How do we make it productive and effective in enhancing teaching and learning experiences? What do students and educators need to apply mobile devices and apps in formal (in-class) and informal learning environments (online)? Prof. Li shares thoughts and insights on teaching General Education (GE) courses, for which he not only wakes up “students” but also motivates them to accomplish things that they once thought impossible.

Date: Wednesday 1 March 2017
Time: 13:00 – 14:00 (Light lunch begins at 12:30pm)
Venue: E33-G021, Tin Ka Ping Lecture Hall, Faculty of Education
Language: English
Audience: UM Staff / Postgraduate StudentsRegistration:


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Prof. Zihao Li is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Macau. He has taught at different institutions and professional dance companies including Beijing Dance Academy, Tokyo Arts Center, York University, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He frequently leads workshops and master classes at schools, teacher training venues at local, national, and international conferences. His research spans dance/drama pedagogy; cross-cultural studies; gender and masculinity; to technology in education. He is an innovative and explorative educator and constantly challenges the status quo on what good teaching is.

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FED Seminar No7

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