On 19th of April, 2017 over 50 students, academic and RC staff participated in CTLE’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Salon. For this special half-day salon, CTLE have invited a number of UM colleagues from different faculties to share their teaching at UM. The day started with a special “Thank You Session” from Prof. NI, VRAA to Prof. Spencer BENSON, DCTLE.


Dr. Natalie WONG and Mr. Joey SHAO from Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College then talked about community engagement pedagogies in Residential College. They shared with us the “Little Photography Service Learning Project” and the meaning behind the project.

Prof. Alexandr SVETLICINII, Mr. Denis HARLIS and Prof. Rostam NEUWIRTH from Faculty of Law then talked about teaching Business Law and the application of team teaching and learning technologies in Legal Education. They shared with us the development of an innovative research-focused course.

In the afternoon session, Prof. Susan REN from Faculty of Business Administration presented her way of teaching by engaging students with real life example. She shared some of the real-life example used in her finance course including mortgage example, credit analysis, etc.

The last session was presented by Prof. Michael LI, which he inspired us by sharing his connection building strategies and approaches in collaborative teaching and learning.