Innovations and Challenges in Teaching and Learning


Prof. NI (VRAA)

On 18th of January, 2017 over 45 academic and RC staff participated in CTLE’s full day academic staff development workshop. The event is held every semester and aims to build community among UM academic staff and help them to enhance teaching and learning at UM by provide insights on good teaching and learning and models. Prof. NI (VRAA) opened the workshop by reminding participants of the central role that good teaching plays at UM and the need for teaching enhancement.

The first session started with Prof. Christopher KEYES (HKBU)’s talk “Creativity, Innovation.. and how do we get there from here? Prof. KEYES’s session provided information and insights for academic staff and a practical look at what we can do to better understand teaching and learning and how leveraging technologies can provide time and engagements that foster student learning. (Slides available to download: CKeyes_MacauPresentation)


Prof. Yilin SUN (ELC)

Prof. Yilin SUN (Director of ELC) then talked about “Transcending Boundaries in Glocalized ELT Field-Implications for English-Medium Universities in Macau and Asia”, Prof. SUN shared the major trends in the higher education of ELT (English Language Teaching) and the implications for curriculum reform and pedagogical approaches for English medium universities where the local language in not English such as the University of Macau. (Slides available to download:Transcending Boundaries CTLE WS [Compatibility Mode])



Prof. BENSON (Director of CTLE) then led a workshop on “Student Motivation, Self-Efficacy and Cheating”. In this workshop Prof. BENSON introduced some of the history of cheating, what constitutes academic dishonestey, why students cheat and the influences that motivation and assessment type can play on reducing academic dishonesty. He presented on at how student motivation, learning activity design and types of assessments that can be leveraged to reduce the potential for cheating. (Slides available to download:StudentMotivation_Self-Efficacy_Cheating_Jan-2017_sb )


Prof. Mingming ZHOU (FED)

In the afternoon session, Prof. Mingming ZHOU (FED) presented an interactive workshop about “Make Clickers Work for You – The use of electronic voting systems for teaching and learning in higher education”. Prof. ZHOU demonstrated the use of clickers and shared practical examples and experiences of using clickers for a variety of in-class activities in UM undergrad courses and reported on student feedback regarding the the use of this technology.


Prof. Christopher KEYES; Mr. Christopher FULTON; Prof. Michael LI; Prof. Katrine Wong; Prof. Ruiyu XIE; Prof. Spencer BENSON

The last workshop was organized and presented by Mr. Chris FULTON, CTLE; and included short presentations on different UM e-learning technology by Prof. Katrine WONG, FAH; Prof. Spencer BENSON, CTLE; Prof. Michael LI, FED and Prof. Ruiyu XIE, FHS. The group demonstrated and shared experiences of using available UM e-learning resources such as; Moodle, Poll Everywhere, Zoom, and E-portfolios as teaching tools that enhance learning and student engagement with in and outside classroom.

The day ended with an informal reception where participants mingled and shared. Participants who attended the whole day and filled out the workshop survey receive will certificate of participation stating they have completed six hours of professional development for enhancing teaching and learning.