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In recent years, educational technologies have proliferated and they are designed to make learning a wholesome experience for students. We hear a lot about blended learning today. But what is blended learning? How may educational content delivered through digital media or online modes better engage students?

Instead of following a lecture word-by-word or slide-by-slide, students enrolled in the course ‘Compiler Construction’ can simply click a button to express their opinions and ideas freely, publicly, and anonymously, via the use of mobile technology or e-learning tools such as Poll Everywhere and Clickers. ‘It has become compulsory for us, the instructors as well as the students, to see in real time how other students respond,’ says Assistant Professor Derek Wong Fai from the UM Faculty of Science and Technology, who was among the first to incorporate e-learning into teaching. ‘It helps to create an enjoyable, safe and comfortable classroom atmosphere. Engagement is high.’

A Novel Way of Learning

‘The e-learning tools help us walk through a lesson step by step and enhance interaction in class,’ says Hou Rui, a fourth-year student from the department of computer and information science, after attending a lecture about compiler construction… [more]