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teaching tips

In the Fall 2017 semester, CTLE  provides a weekly teaching tip that you can easily incorporate into your teaching.  Tips address various topics, e.g. student engagement, assessment, grading, use of technologies, etc.  If you have a specific topic or challenge you would like us to address, please post the request in the comment box below or send it to ctle@umac.mo

TipTopic / Link
1Getting to Know Your Students
2How Much Assigned Reading is Too Much or Too Little?
3Getting Students to do Assigned Readings
4Assessments Techniques That Facilitate Learning and Reduce Cheating
5Assigning Student to Groups
6Scaffolding Student Group Work
7In Class Learner-Centered Teaching I: Think Share Pair
8In Class Learner-Centered Teaching II: Small Group Work
9Getting Student Feedback Easily
10Promoting Students’ Learning: What Helps Students Learn
11Questions for Teaching and Learning
12Student Ratings and Feedback
13Developing Good Multiple Choice Tests
14Ending Well – Starting New
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