Eight innovative uses of Moodle by UM faculty

By Chris Fulton, Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement

I would like to share with UM faculty brief descriptions of eight innovative Moodle activities faculty have discussed with me at CTLE events and workshops this semester.

1. Shared online documents for group work and presentations using Microsoft Word 365

Faculty often ask students to present project work in small groups, Moodle can help students organize the group’s project work using a shared Word Online document. An instructor can place five links to five different Word Online documents in Moodle, with instructions and requirements, and students can fill in the documents as required. In addition, comments can easily be added to these online documents.

2. Support students progress with a progress bar block in Moodle

Students have many assignments to keep track of during the semester. Teachers can create a progress bar block in Moodle to remind students of all the quizzes and assignments in a course.

3. Encourage peer feedback and connections in Moodle – by adding a ‘like’ button

People use a ‘like’ button in Facebook, Instagram and WeChat to provide feedback. Why not add a ‘like’ button with an advanced discussion forum with Moodle?  This works well in a discussion forum in which students can introduce themselves and ask questions about the course syllabus.

4. Scaffold writing by creating a forum and put students in small groups to respond to discussion questions

Discussions in online forums may be more effective when students are placed in groups of four, and then respond to discussion questions and other student’s responses.  Assessing the students’ performance and rewarding written work with marks can make discussion forums more successful. This can be as simple +1 to a -1 participation score, + 1 student did reasonable post, 0 student posted but is was of zero value, -1 student didn’t post.

5. Get feedback or take attendance with a questionnaire in Moodle

The questionnaire activity in Moodle is a poll. The poll can be used to take attendance or collect  student feedback. In class, students use their phones to answer a question about a topic covered in the course, and get a point awarded for answering the poll. The grade awarded to students from polls can be kept track of in the grade book, or it can be completely anonymous.

6. To help students learn terminology, create cloze quiz questions

Two teachers asked me how to create cloze quiz questions in Moodle. Fortunately, there is an online tool that makes it easier to create cloze quiz questions with feedback.

7. Create engaging brainstorming questions and homework quizzes with Poll Everywhere

Quizzes in Moodle can be complicated, so why not create a quick quiz in Poll Everywhere. Complete surveys can be shared with students to do for homework. Teachers can send out a survey link to all students in a course using the ‘news forum’.

8. Mark quickly, check for academic integrity, and give personalized audio feedback using Turnitin

If you are interested sharing your Moodle activities at a Moodle workshop next semester, please contact me at chrisfulton@umac.mo.


Chris Fulton


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