How faculty can benefit from using UMMoodle

By Matthew Liu, Faculty of Business Administration

I found UMMoodle is a very useful learning platform and encouraged faculty staff to use it more frequently with following reasons:

  • help faculty staff to manage and organise course materials more effectively and efficiently
  • reduce the need for certain administrative tasks (for example, making paper copies, marking tests, giving out course reminders)
  • monitor student participation and progress, ensuring that instructor can offer directed support and advice quickly and can make more effective use of staff-student contact time
  • widen communication opportunities with students
  • help to change faculty staff’s role from “knowledge provider” to “learning facilitator”, promoting self-directed learning
  • reduce large-group teaching and increase time spent with small groups or individuals

If you know other ways using UMMoodle for your courses can benefit faculty, please let colleagues know how by writing a comment below.

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