Teaching Portfolios: Advancing One’s Academic Career

Putting together my teaching portfolio (TP) was a long process. Our TP is one of the required components in the academic promotion package, and requires frequent updating and addition of materials, both narrative and analytical. I didn’t have access to a ‘sample’ TP when I was preparing mine and as such the process was more difficult and also longer. In the year leading up to the completion of my then TP, I was a regular at CTLE and benefited much from CTLE (classroom observation, personal consultation, workshops). CTLE is currently organizing a Faculty Learning Community with a focus on TPs. Joining this community may seem like a long commitment, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.  TPs are not a ‘flat’ piece, rather, it is an item, which develops and evolves over time. The content and presentation of a TP become better, richer and more representative of one’s teaching style and philosophy when one receives advisory input and stimulation from peers. I look forward to helping lead this Faculty Learning Community and hope that you will join me and fellow academic staff in a learning journey that will help you develop as a teacher and get you started on building a TP that will help advance your academic career.

K. Wong, Assoc. Prof. English, FAH

To learn more about the TPFLC and apply to be part of it click here.


Photo: Portfolio by cirox / CC BY

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