Turnitin Lesson Ideas: Fact or Fiction


Turnitin has posted several lesson ideas on their blog around encouraging better writing practices, one of which is below.

That lesson idea was created after Turnitin conducted research on over 2,000 students and educators. Their research on students’ favorite feedback “…was interested in identifying the formats and types of feedback students consider to be the most effective, and in gaining insight into how often students receive the types of feedback they most desire.”  Hope this lesson idea can provide you with some ideas to build on.

Lesson Idea #4: Favorite Feedback: Fact and Fiction

  1. Challenge: My students don’t use the feedback they receive on their work.
  2. ‏Idea: Use the Favorite Feedback: Fact and Fiction infographic to spark a classroom discussion on what makes feedback effective or not. Encourage your students to share their honest thoughts. Understand and identify what effective feedback means to your students.
  3. ‏Goal: Empower students to be more involved in their learning, analyze what effective feedback means to them, and encourage students to actually use feedback they get.

How to Implement in the Classroom:

  1. Share the “Favorite Feedback: Fact and Fiction” infographic.
  2. ‏Ask the class to come up with a list of aspects that make feedback effective for them.
  3. Either break students into groups or have them individually review the class list and have them choose the most important aspect for them.
  4. Have students share the aspect of feedback that makes it effective. Use this opportunity to get students thinking about what makes feedback effective.



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