Invitation to Write for a T&L Blog 教學博客邀請你投稿



投稿內容可以用英文或中文書寫。謹此提醒, 標準博客貼內容應在100到1000字之間,可包含一些圖片或網站資料。如使用圖片,應為個人教學活動或是擁有知識共享權的圖片。投稿者亦可在內容中提及個人主頁,個人博客或履歷信息,最好不要超過三個鏈接。博文請發送致 圖片則請用附件形式發送。

來稿將經由CTLE(教學優化中心)工作人員審核後發表,就博客格式及特徵, 可參閱 Teaching and Learning


Transformation Center 及 HASTAC 的博客。

如蒙垂詢,歡迎聯絡電 Chris Fulton 8822-4574.

期待諸位賜稿  並頌

Chris Fulton

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to extend a special invitation to colleagues to write short blog posts for a campus blog on teaching and learning.

We are asking you to share examples with your of teaching activities that work well with your students. Just send us a short write up of any activities that you have used that support learner-centered approaches to teaching and learning.

Submissions can be made in English or Chinese.  As a general guideline a blog post should contain between 100 to 1000 words, and may include links to other websites and images. The images need to be your own or have a creative commons license. Authors are also welcome to submit up to three links to their personal website, blog or biographical information. Please send your blog post to with images as attachments.

All submissions are vetted by CTLE staff prior to release. For examples of blog posts on teaching and learning, see blogs by the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center and HASTAC.

If you have any questions about writing a post for a university blog, please contact Chris Fulton at 8822-4574.

I look forward to your submission.

Chris Fulton

E-Learning Technology Officer
Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Room 3113a, Central Teaching Building
University of Macau, E6
Avenida da Universidade
Taipa, Macau, China
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